Software House

Development Service

A software division that offers customized solutions and technical consultation throughout the software development life cycle, with a proven track record in various types of projects.

  • Expert in PHP,, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS, and Laravel framework.
  • Developed various custom applications and online systems for KLTM, KEMAS, BQSM, SKM, JPSM, Mufti, KeTTHA, IYRES, AIM, Pernec, MYNIC Berhad.


Website Design

Development Service

A one stop center for premium web design, interactive sites, portal development, portal updating, search engine optimization (SEO), Internet marketing consultations and services.

  • Expert in Joomla, WordPress, and latest web trends.
  • Designed websites for Secret Garden, Majulia, Labuan Financial Park, Al-Ameen, Mega Padu, TwinTech, Telekom Malaysia, Mentor Solutions, RTM, World Veteran Federation, KL Tower, Metro Exchange, PKNS Property, etc.

mobile app development

Mobile App

Development Service

Mobile App is explained here

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Government Portals

Development Service

A specialized web and portal development service for Malaysian government ministries and agencies, to meet the yearly MGPWA / ProBE / SPLWPDT criteria set by MAMPU and MDEC.

  • 90% of the websites earned the coveted 5-Star ratings in the yearly MGPWA assessment by MDeC.



Product Suite

MySistem is a powerful software product suite consisting of several ready-made off-the-shelf web-based applications, ready to be used by organizations, either as is or with customizations.

  • The first system, MyAduan (complaint management system) was adopted by SKM, KEMAS, MKM, FELDA, etc. 
  • To satisfy clients needs, other systems were then developed: MyTender (procurement), MyTempahan (reservation), MyLogin (single sign-on), MyBayar (payment), & MyTix (ticketing). 

security assessment service

IT Security

Assessment Service

Security Assessment Service is explained here.

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it training


Coaching & Workshop

IT Training is explained here.

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config malaysia

ConFIG Malaysia

IT Conference

Conference for Government IT Officers of Malaysia (ConFIG Malaysia) is an annual conference that gathers notable speakers to discuss digital innovation and transformation topics.

  • A well-received event that attracts hundreds of participations from private & public sectors each year.
  • Secured collaborations with various community partners and co-organizers.
  • ConFIG Malaysia 2018 alone features 23 speakers and panelists on various topics.



Coding Bootcamp

JomStart Coding Bootcamp is a 6-month intensive programming course that grooms students (fresh graduates & young adults) from internship to employment in the technology sector. 

  • An itensive course involving online learning, hands-on tasks, weekly assignments, and real-world projects. 
  • Follows a curriculum that focuses on web application development using Laravel framework 
  • Graduates are groomed to secure employment as web application developers.


IT Hardware

Hardware Supply

A supplier of computers (desktops, laptops, notebooks), accessories, software, mobile devices (tablets), servers, and other electronic hardware to private and government entities.

  • Secured dealership with principal suppliers of various prominent brands such as Hewlett-Packard and IBM.
  • Successfully delivered IT hardware to UKM, LKIM, UNITEN, Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia, PDRM, APMM, MITI, LPSVN, UPM, TNB, etc.


Online Store Builder is an award-winning e-commerce platform that enables anyone to instantly create an online shop.
Create your own online store in just 5 minutes at

  • Featured in various media such as Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, New Straits Times, MStar, Astro Awani, Wanita Hari Ini, RTM1, The Star, etc.
  • Won the ‘Best New Media Application’ NEF-AWANI ICT Award, presented by Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak.


Aidan CCS

Commission Calculation Software

Aidan CCS is a powerful commission and multi level marketing (MLM) system that helps companies to systematically reward their agents, salespeople and customers.

  • A client generated a revenue of RM1,000,000 in just 6 months using our system.
  • Notable clients include GSR, Biosteen, Valcambee, Corpora, Dermilab, Dr Eiis, Varia Network, QC2U, Imperion Gold, RHM, Hyla, Dr Azimuth, Gcabxi, etc.



ardent edu research


ArdentEdu R&D

ArdentEdu Consultancy is explained here.

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Trainings & Workshops

Offers unconventional fun learning experience via in-house programs, such as Science classes, Olympiad trainings, Math camps, KBAT trainings, Programming workshops & Science demonstrations.

  • The training materials and modules are developed by the Head Coach of the Malaysian IMO team.
  • Conducted more than 500 trainings and workshops in public schools, boarding schools, and private school, involving instructors with more than 10 years experience.

teachers conference


Teachers' Conference

Teachers’ Conferences on Mathematics is a sharing platform for all academics around Malaysia to discuss the best methods for teaching and learning of Mathematics in schools. This conference is an extension of KMC which has received endorsement from the Curricular and Arts Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia and aims to encourage the budding of Mathematics culture among school students in Malaysia.

  • Started in 2015 with only 70 teachers around Malaysia
  • Run all over Malaysia and divided into four regions
  • Now there are 150 teachers that will join this event every year
  • Collaborate with expert in Mathematics and soon will collaborate with Computational Thinking and Sciences expert in education

    Is known as one of the largest Teachers’ Conference in Malaysia and soon will be the most top priorities for teachers to attend this conference to enhance their skill in teaching. Endorsed by the Curricular and Arts Division, Ministry of Education (MoE)

  • 2015 - Present

  • kangaroo math competition


    Math Competition

    KMC became the largest Mathematics competition in the world. It is also the largest Mathematics competition in Malaysia since first launched in 2013 with more than 40,000 participations to date. Originated in France, every year 6,000,0000 students from 53 countries take part in KMC on Kangaroo Day.

    • Elected as the authorized organizer to run Kangaroo in Malaysia since 2012.
    • 2018 recorded more than 40,000 participations from all over Malaysia
    • Endorsement by the Ministry of Education (MoE)
    • 2013 - Present

    beaver computational thinking competition


    Computational Thinking Competition

    Beaver Computational Thinking Competition is an international initiative to promote Computer Science & Computational Thinking among students. Originated in Lithuania, ‘Bebras’ is held in more than 50 countries every year.

    • Appointed as the National Bebras Organizer (NBO) and International Bebras Committee (IBC). Developed an integrated online system in 2014 to manage annual Beaver contests involving thousands of students.
    • 2018 had received nearly 7,000 participations from schools all over Malaysia.During the annual Bebras meeting in 2018, Malaysia is one of the countries to be awarded with ‘Best Task’ in creating tasks to be used in the next years of competitions
    • In 2016, the then Prime Minister of Malaysia announced to Malaysia that school syllabus will include the subject of Computer Science so as to move towards the future digitalized era. Beaver Malaysia has been a working member in the field of computational thinking familiarizing students with concepts of computer science
    • 2015 - Present


    kancil science competition


    Science Competition

    KSC is an interesting science competition that has been incorporated with the elements of Malaysia’s culture. It promotes and sparks students’ interest in science and culture simultaneously. As part of STEM empowerment effort, KSC aims to inspire young learners to excel in science in the aspect of knowledge and practice. By relating science to culture, KSC wants to encourage students to apply science in areas of human endeavor to solve national problems and develop 21st century skills.

    • Involved 382 schools from all around Malaysia Pathway to Malaysian Junior Science Olympiad (MyJSO) and International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO)
    • Successfully organized its first contest in 2018 involving 7,000 students from all over Malaysia.
    • Endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.
    • 2018 - Present


    malaysian earth science olympiad


    Earth Science Olympiad

    Malaysian Earth Science Olympiad (MyESO) is an annual, national school-level competition that introduces earth science knowledge to secondary school and pre-university students in Malaysia. MyESO aims to improve the teaching and learning of earth science in school and to promote national cooperation in exchanging ideas and materials about earth science.

    • In 2017, as many as 1825 participants from 122 schools from all over Malaysia had participated
    • A national team (4 students) to participate in 12th IESO in Kanchanaburi, Thailand has been formed to represent Malaysia
    • Recognized by Malaysian Geoscience Education Association (MAGEA)
    • 2017 - Present

    malaysian computational linguistics olympiad


    Computational Linguistics Olympiad

    MyCLO is the first ever Linguistics Olympiad executed in Malaysia. MyCLO received its accreditation from the International Olympiad of Linguistics (IOL) board and was officially launched in October 2017. It consists of solving puzzle-like problems that includes the skills of computational thinking.

    Fun Fact: Students do not require any prior knowledge on any language that exists in the world to participate!

  • Launched in 2017
  • Co-Chairman of IOL, Mr. Stanislav Gurevich is MyCLO’s international advisor
  • First Olympiad in May 2018
  • Joined by 120 students from Central regional states.
  • Successfully selected 2 teams to represent Malaysia to 2018’s IOL
  • 2017 - Present
  • malaysian astronomy olympiad


    Astronomy Olympiad

    Malaysian Astronomy Olympiad (MyAO) is an annual national school-level competition that introduces astronomy knowledge to secondary school and pre-university students in Malaysia. This competition will be held each year starting from 2018

    • 2018
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    Books & Resources

    A one-stop center for all literary needs, with thousands of titles from notable publishers, which includes books, scholarly journals, reference works, and e-learning resources.

    • Secured distributorship with John Wiley & Sons.
    • Wrote 12 own titles and published 16 books, with more than 10,000 copies sold.
    • Published own magazine, Tangent, whose quarterly issues are delivered to more than 9,000 schools around Malaysia.



    Education Supplies

    A supplier of educational aids such as curriculum resources, educational toys, classroom equipment, furniture, tools, consumables, stationery, and teaching aids to schools and universities.

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